Idaho Mission Project

A service and adventure-based program run out of Twinlow Camp & Retreat Center in beautiful North Idaho.

Idaho Mission Project

Idaho Mission Project is service and adventure based program that takes place in beautiful North Idaho. We are a partnership of United Methodist Congregations, using Twinlow Camp and Retreat Center as our home base, and utilizing local non-profit organizations to bring all faith background youth and adult groups together to serve. 

Service means that we spend our days going out in the Spokane – Coeur D Alene Region to help individuals in need and partner with non-profit organizations to be the hands and feet that they need to accomplish their mission. Adventure means that we provide a unique experience that brings the Mission Trip and Summer Camp experience together for one week. Primarily offered in the spring break season and summer, we are open to all youth and even adult groups. 

What do IMP Work Projects look like?

Your service projects are tailored to your group’s abilities and goals based on the information you provide when registering. It is our philosophy to partner with local organizations who are on the front lines serving communities in need and to send them hands and feet to serve.

The service project occurs during the morning and early afternoon, leaving after breakfast and coming back to Twinlow around 3pm. Each day is a new project, helping out at a different organization or with different individuals.

As of this writing, we are currently working on our partnerships for service this summer. As the summer gets closer, we will know more details about what the organizations will need and how we can be ready to serve them. Thank you for your notes on your application on what your group wants to accomplish while here.

Our philosophy for IMP is that your group has a servant experience that is varied in the work and in the populations we serve. Our goal is to give you different experiences each day that challenge you but yet have a strong impact on the people and organizations that we serve. That being said, we also want to accomplish your goals as a group and if you want to dedicate to one project or want to do one thing and not another, we can try to accommodate that request.


In past summers, we partnered with the following organizations and with many others in our community:

Northwest Harvest is Washington’s own statewide hunger relief agency. Our mission is leading the fight for hungry people statewide to have access to nutritious food while respecting their dignity and promoting good health. Our vision is ending hunger in Washington. 

Elderhelp of North Idaho serves more than 350 seniors in some way or fashion and has been active in the Kootenai county since 2005.

Twin Lakes Improvement Association works to improve and preserve the natural values of Twin Lakes. Much of the work is dedicated to the Fish Creek Restoration Project, addressing the sediment and nutrient loading of the creek which feeds the Twin Lakes.

Shalom Ministries is a not-for-profit ministry dedicated to providing wholesome meals and other services to the poor and homeless people within our community.  

Panhandle Habitat for Humanity is our local Habitat affiliate based in Sandpoint, ID. We have been helping them do home repair and home improvement for families in need.

IMP Adventure Options

Silverwood Theme Park

The Northwest’s Largest Theme Park is Silverwood and located only 10 minutes from Twinlow. Silverwood Theme Park has over 70 rides, slides, shows and attractions, including four roller coasters, Boulder Beach Water Park, a steam engine train, live entertainment, restaurants, and more. Thanks to a new partnership with Silverwood, we will include tickets for your group if you would like. You need to reserve your week with Twinlow and make a deposit by February 1, 2018 to get this deal. If you miss the deposit deadline, we can still get the Twinlow price for your group, just let us know you want to pay for that. The Sunday that you arrive at Twinlow, we will get a count for your group and make a reservation at Silverwood for the Friday at the end of your week. Silverwood opens at 11am till late at night and you are welcome to come back to stay at Twinlow on Friday night.

The Hiawatha Trail

It has been called one of the most scenic stretches of railroad in the country. When the Milwaukee Railroad was operating, the trains traversed through 11 tunnels and over 9 high trestles, covering a 46 mile route that crossed the rugged Bitterroot Mountains between Idaho and Montana. The “Route of the Hiawatha” is most famous for the long St. Paul Pass, or Taft Tunnel which burrows for 8771 ft. (1.66 miles) under the Bitterroot Mountains at the state line.

Located just over an hour from Twinlow, this amazing bike ride is a great add on option for a group looking for mountain scenery and a little exercise. Bike rentals are available at the trail and group discounts are available.


Pangea Rafting

Through our partnership with Pangea Rafting, this program offers three amazing white water rafting trips in Montana, Washington, and Idaho. Enjoy a one day or half day white water rafting vacation on our Whitewater Montana Clark Fork River trip, the Whitewater Washington Spokane River trip, or the Whitewater Blackfoot River trip.


Chilco Mountain Hike or other low cost options. On Friday, our staff would be happy to direct you to a local hike such as Chilco Mountain, pictured here, or other nearby scenic hikes based on the goals and abilities of your group. Cost would be free.



What does a typical week look like?

  • Youth Groups arrive by 3pm on Sunday and jump into camp life right away in getting to know each other, forming work teams, and laying the framework for a meaningful week.
  • Starting Monday morning, with breakfast and packing lunch, we set out in vehicles to travel to our respective work sites. It’s likely a Twinlow staff member will accompany your work team as your work site coordinator.
  • Each afternoon, groups will come back to Twinlow to enjoy some rest time, lake time, whatever is needed, and then gather for dinner with the camp community.
  • Each evening, there will be an opportunity to reflect and share with each other the highs and lows from the day. Bible Study will be incorporated and can be led by Twinlow staff.
  • There will be evening campfire, group games, and activities with the rest of the camp community.
  • At the end of the night is a chance for youth leaders to gather their own group and accomplish any personal goals your group might have or work with other group leaders to dive deeper into reflection and service learning.
  • Our last meal together is Friday breakfast but that does not mean your week has to come to an end. Add on activities listed below can be included on Friday and/or Saturday at the end of each week. Your same accommodations are free if you would like to extend your stay through Saturday morning.

What about transportation?

Transportation is an important logistic for this program. We ask whether you arrive by Plane, Train, or Auto, that you provide transportation for your group. Idaho Mission Project is a program that requires traveling around our region to get to our work sites. In most cases, groups arrive in church vans or personal vehicles. Please arrive with a full tank of gas and that will help expedite getting to our sites in the morning. The furthest we travel will be to Spokane about 45 minutes away and the closest would be the Twin Lakes Fish Creek Restoration project just down the road. We love it if you have a spot in your vehicle for a Twinlow Staff person to ride with you to your work sites, but it is not required if you need to fill all your seats to get here.  When a Twinlow staff person accompanies you, they can help facilitate and help the mission team be efficient and effective with their service time and abilities.  

When you are here with other IMP servant groups.

We prefer and believe it enriches the experience to mix up our servants into different work teams that go out each day. This means that you may have a van full of some of your servants and some from another church. As the leader, please check with your church policies and check with the parents to make sure everyone is comfortable with this practice.

What weeks are available for IMP?

Weeks Available for 2019:

  • June 30- July 5
  • July 14-19
  • July 28- August 2
  • August 11-16
  • August 18-23

How much does IMP cost?

Cost: $295 per camper or adult leader.

Your cost includes all your food, lodging, and activities on site here at Twinlow during your stay. We have a range of housing options but IMP servants usually stay in our retreat center luxury bunk rooms that have restrooms and showers across the hall and stay cool on hot summer days. We have staff assigned to your group all week who will help lead at the work sites and then when we get back to camp, we help your group plug into the activities taking place whether that is swimming, boating, archery, challenge course team building, or just laying around and relaxing. Its up to you!

If you register and put down a deposit by February 1, 2019, we will include an all day ticket to Silverwood Theme Park, see below.

The only costs that are not included is your transportation that is mentioned above and add on options for Friday if your group chooses to participate.

How old do you have to be to participate with Idaho Mission Project?

Idaho Mission Project primarily works with middle school and high school groups, but is open to adults groups as well. We let each individual church group define who is allowed to come on the mission trip. On occasion, chaperones will bring their children to help too. Though there are projects that younger servants might be limited to because of their age, IMP tries to find opportunities that are open and varied.

As much as we are able, we strive to be open and accessible for all ages to come and serve.


Are you ready to commit?

Registration is simple.

  1. First let us know you are coming by completing the online group registration.
  2. Then call in or send in your deposit amount to confirm your space. Your nonrefundable deposit amount is $100 for each servant that you plan to bring. As you plan, fund raise, and the trip draws closer, it’s likely your numbers may change. Your final payment is due when you arrive at camp and you only pay for the servants your bring. Your entire deposit amount applies to all of your group. 
  3. As for your servants, you just need to have each participant (youth and adult) complete the Individual Health and Release Form and either bring them with you or send them ahead.
  4. That’s it, let us know how else we can be helping you!

Any more questions? Check out our packing list and sample schedule:

Idaho Mission Project Daily Schedule

Idaho Mission Project Packing List


Online Group Reservation Form

A google form to complete to let us know you are coming and hold your spot on our calendar. You are not confirmed until we receive your group deposit. 

Individual Health and Release Forms

Have your participants (adult and youth) complete this document so we can prepare for your group needs and provide for possible health needs. 


Send an email to our Program Coordinator, Kathryn Cronin:

Call: (208) 352-2671

Or use our contact form below: